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This is the ultimate package for any athlete and our fee is as low as $250!

This unlimited training package offers services and amenities usually only available with a Division 1 University or professional sports team organization! Scientifically designed and time tested to improve speed, agility, vertical jump, explosive power, and overall athleticism. Platinum athletes will also have access to strength training, recovery (pneumatic compression boots, percussion massage, and hydrotherapy ice bath), and sensory training. This will allow athletes to better take advantage of the unlimited training sessions provided by this package. Each training session is 60 minutes, pre and post tests typically take 90 minutes.

All Platinum Package options includes the following:

  • Speed, agility, conditioning, strength, and power training
  • Individualized program design
  • Stroboscopic Sport Sensory Training
  • Sport Specific Training (1 time per week, please set up your schedule for this with a Sports Performance Team member when you start).
  • Three and six month commitment packages include the above, plus the following:
  • Sport Psychology, sports nutrition, EMG Speed analysis, OR computerized hitting analysis
  • Sensory Assessment
  • The unlimited plan start date is from the date of the athlete's first session. Once they start they have unlimited training sessions available for the next 30 calendar days. Partial refunds or pro-rated pricing is not available. If an athlete is injured and unable to train we will gladly arrange for a brief in service and can resume when the athlete is recovered.
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Unlimited Training Options
  • Platinum month to month: $295 
  • Platinum 3-month commitment: $275/month 
  • Platinum 6-month commitment: $250/month 

*Unlimited training is subject to the trainer's discretion to avoid over-training.