Velocity Based Training

This training program is a highly sophisticated strength and power training program scientifically designed to improve speed, agility, vertical jump, explosive power, and overall athleticism. Each training session is 60 minutes.

Training sessions will be scheduled with a member our training team. Each session is individualized and adapted as the athlete progresses to target the specific athletic attributes needed for success in their specific sport and position.

There are two Velocity Based training options available:

  • Starter Pack: 10 Sessions for $275
  • Power Pack: 18 Sessions for $450

If an athlete is injured and unable to train we will gladly arrange for a brief in service and can resume when the athlete is recovered.

This program is only for freshman-seniors in high school at this time.


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Registration is a two step process. Fill out this sign up form, select the training option you want under "Registration Fee" above. Then, click the blue register button below to make a payment.

Velocity Based Training Options:
  • Starter Pack: 10 Sessions for $275

  • Power Pack: 18 Sessions for $450