Multiple-Location Merchant

Application for businesses with multiple locations.


Single-Location Merchant

Applications for businesses with a single location.

Employee Discount Program Overview

The Intermountain Healthcare Employee Discount Program offers a valuable partnership opportunity for businesses and Intermountain Healthcare employees. Local businesses agree to offer discounts on products and services to Intermountain Healthcare / SelectHealth employees, affiliated physicians, volunteers, retirees, and their immediate family members. In return, Intermountain Healthcare agrees to promote participating businesses to an Intermountain Healthcare customer base of potentially 75,000 people. Intermountain Healthcare receives no financial gain from this program.

Here's how Intermountain will promote your business to our employees:

  • For the first 90 days, Intermountain Healthcare will introduce your business and discount through an automated monthly mass email sent to interested employees.
  • Special promotions and seasonal offers will be announced in the automated mass email sent to interested employees on a monthly basis.
  • Intermountain Healthcare will list your business and discount in the Employee Discount directory on our discount program website.
  • Intermountain Healthcare will promote the discount program in the Employee Discount brochure, which is produced and distributed annually to all employees, volunteers, retirees, and affiliated physicians and through a monthly employee newsletter.
While Intermountain Healthcare encourages businesses to join the discount program, participating companies will not be allowed to directly advertise or solicit Intermountain Healthcare employees in the workplace at any facility.

Merchant Criteria

To be included as a merchant in the Employee Discount Program, you must agree to abide by participation criteria, and you must submit an online application for approval. Your application will be reviewed by the discount program administrator. Intermountain Healthcare will contact you via email regarding your acceptance or denial into the discount program within 30 days.

To ensure a quality benefit for our employees, the following criteria will apply to participating merchants:

  1. Your company will commit to participating in the Intermountain Employee Discount Program on an ongoing basis. Should any information about your participation change, including discount levels, locations, or contact information, please email discountprogram@imail.org or call (801) 442-2956 immediately.
  2. All communication from Intermountain Healthcare to participating businesses regarding the Intermountain Employee Discount Program will be sent via email. You must have a valid email address to receive necessary information.
  3. For in-person transactions, Intermountain Healthcare employees will use their employee ID badge or Family Discount Card to receive your discount. You must be able to accept the Intermountain employee ID badge or Family Discount Card and ensure that your employees are adequately trained to transact the discount without delay.
  4. Online and phone transactions can be processed through a dedicated web link, a group user name and password, or a promotion code. (The preferred code is “Intermountain.” Please DO NOT use the acronym “IHC” in any url links or promotion codes.)
  5. The Intermountain Healthcare and/or SelectHealth logos may not be used without special written permission.
  6. Coupons will not qualify. However, seasonal discounts and special promotions will be considered.
  7. Your discount must be significantly more than what you already offer to the general public.
  8. Participating businesses must have an active business license. Intermountain Healthcare reserves the right to confirm the status of your business license and check for a satisfactory status with the Better Business Bureau.
  9. Your participation will be subject to ongoing review by Intermountain Healthcare. We reserve the right to discontinue your discount if the above participation criteria are not met.

How to Apply

There are two different online application forms: one for businesses with only one location and another for businesses with multiple locations.


If you have any questions, please email the Intermountain Healthcare Discount Program at discountprogram@imail.org or call (801) 442-2956.

Note for Intermountain Healthcare Employees: If you are an employee wanting to access the Intermountain Healthcare Employee Discount Program website, go to www.intermountain.net.