Child Care Centers and Benefits

Intermountain child development centers are located on site or near site for children ages 0-6. Discounts are offered for commercial daycare centers and information and referrals are available to help identify quality childcare alternatives.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) account allows you to pay for eligible childcare or elder care expenses by contributing pre-tax earnings for expenses incurred while you work.

Adoption Benefits

A cash benefit is available if you adopt a child and the child is placed in your home within 90 days of birth. To receive this benefit, you must be enrolled in one of the health insurance plans offered to Intermountain employees.

Elder Care

If you're caring for an elderly parent or friend, Elder Care services are available through Intermountain's Employee Assistance Program. This service provides advice, referrals, information, and caring support to individuals and their families. Each situation is treated as unique and confidential, and the services are free.