Fellowship Objectives

  • Cultivate a philosophy, code of ethics and set of values in a company dedicated to excellence in patient care and healthcare administration
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Acquire marketable administrative and technical skills
  • Demonstrate management potential in specific areas at various levels through diversified line and/or staff responsibilities that will contribute to the organization

Organization Objectives

  • Provide a bridge from academia to practice
  • Expose talented individuals to the philosophy, mission, and values of Intermountain
  • Provide the opportunity for executives of Intermountain to develop and exercise teaching and mentoring skills
  • Provide recruiting support to help Fellows find opportunities within the system post-fellowship, as appropriate

Process and Timeline

  • The fellowship is a one-year rotation-based program beginning in midsummer
  • A competitive salary is offered to candidates each year Intermountain pays for the Fellow to attend one conference during his or her tenure
  • Intermountain offers a moving stipend to Fellows relocating from out of state.