Intermountain Healthcare is offering exceptional people, who want to make a difference, a training course to become a Clinical Lab Assistant. 

The training course is offered several times per year. 

Clinical Lab Assistants are trained professionals who provide assistance and support to Medical Technologists and Lab Testing Personnel by preparing samples for clinical testing and/or transport. Duties may include patient identification & labeling, ordering & receiving samples, aliquoting & decanting specimens, requisition auditing, and packaging & shipping specimens.

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After Course Completion

After completing the Intermountain CLA training program, it is each student's responsibility to interview for open CLA positions during the placement interviews held at the end of the course. Wage will increase to current entry rate ($13.28) for Clinical Lab Assistants/Specimen Processing.  Intermountain Healthcare does not guarantee placement of a permanent position. Those students who have not secured a position at completion of the course will be placed in the Float Pool and will be budgeted for at least 24 hours per week.

Students may work for Intermountain Laboratory Services within in the Salt Lake Valley at facilities including Alta View Hospital, LDS Hospital, Intermountain Central Lab, Park City Hospital, Riverton Hospital, and Salt Lake Clinic. Per the agreement, a work commitment of 2080 hours is required (1 year full-time or 2 years part- time). If the student does not fulfill the agreement requirements, the student reimburses Intermountain Healthcare $1500 to cover the cost of tuition.

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To Apply

Use this link to apply for current course opportunities.