Working and Learning at Intermountain: Caregiver’s Experience

Name: Stacy Heward, RN
Schooling: BSN from Dixie State University
Currently Employer: Intermountain Mom/Baby Unit

What’s your experience at Intermountain been like so far? I have the BEST team with Intermountain. That includes all those who have helped in the hiring process, EVS, food services, providers, the schedulers, those in the nurse residency program, CNA’s, obviously other RN’s, etc. Everyone is so willing to HELP! It has been so great having all the help and support as a new grad RN.

How did you decide which career path to take? I LOVE my job because I get to teach, truly help, and encourage new and seasoned moms during such an awesome (but often overwhelming) life change. I feel unbelievably blessed to be doing what I do and call it “work”. I love the nursing profession because of the continuous opportunities for self-improvement and endless fields of work. You can never get bored as a RN.

What’s your advice to future students? Get your foot in the door! Gain experience as a CNA, I worked at a great place before getting hired with Intermountain and that experience was invaluable. But the CNA experience I had with Intermountain, before graduating nursing school, was also of critical importance. Being a PCT helped me learn the policies and procedures and become generally familiar with the company and hospital which facilitated a smoother adjustment to the RN role after graduating nursing school.