These testimonials by Intermountain Healthcare employees provide a glimpse into what it means to be a member of our team and career advantages available to you: opportunity, stability, employee benefits, excellence, and a team-oriented environment.


"The opportunities have been great. I've worked in six different positions in two hospitals for Intermountain. I just keep on working myself up." – Joshua Pulido, Medical Lab Technologist


"Intermountain has given me the opportunity to grow and to also work around my family and be a mom. We are able to work both our families and our jobs into our lives and make it mesh. Intermountain has always been supportive of me." – Pualani Jorgensen, RN, Surgical Services


"I've worked with people who've been with Intermountain twenty, thirty years. It's nice to know there's still a company that treats their employees so well that they will stay that long. It's great to work in a stable environment where you know the company is going to be here in the future. It's a very comforting feeling." – Yvonne Flanders, Administrative Assistant, Women's Health


"Right now I'm taking some classes and Intermountain has tuition reimbursement which is great for continuing education. Intermountain really works well with you on that. They also have a great 401K, and great time off. Sometimes I think I take more time off than I should, but it seems to work out okay so it's great." – Karen Petty, Radiology


"As I interviewed with Intermountain, I was really excited about the quality of care that was delivered at Intermountain. It is unparalleled anywhere in the nation. Intermountain Healthcare is such an impressive, prestigious place, and it's an honor for me to be associated with them." – Loren Greenway, Ph.D., Director of Respiratory Therapy


"My team is a wonderful, cohesive, confident, dynamic group. I feel very supported and I feel I can support them. We work together very well and we always seem to go for the same goal, and that's to make our patients better and to provide the best possible place of healing for our patients and their families." – Grace Jeffers, RN, PICU