Language and Cultural Services Team

Intermountain Healthcare is committed to ensuring that all people have an equal opportunity to access and participate in its programs and activities. Language and Cultural Services is a team of educators who provide reasonable accommodations for those who need communication assistance and consultation to facilitate clear, cross-cultural understanding. Learn more here.


Annual Cultural Competency Symposium

In partnership with the Language and Cultural Services team, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) puts on an annual one-day conference around cultural competency. The conference is open to the public. Topics include social determinants of health, human trafficking, creating a superior patient experience, and more. Continuing medical, nursing, and pharmacy educational credits are offered through our Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) office. Registration through IPCE can be found here


Annual Cultural Competency Module

DEI and Language and Cultural Services works with Education to release a computer-based training for all caregivers each year. Topics have included cultural competency tips, LGBTQ+ inclusive language, and caring for Hispanic/Latinx populations.


Annual Diversity Week Celebrations

Diversity Week provides caregivers the opportunity to celebrate the differences that make Intermountain strong. Diversity Week consists of speakers, community service, multicultural menus, and prize giveaways.


Cultural Guide

This extensive guide can help our caregivers meet the needs of our diverse patients, members, and consumers. The purpose is to set a foundation for caregivers to increase awareness about the backgrounds and expectations of those Intermountain serves in order to provide safe, high-quality healthcare to all populations.


Educational Support for Caregivers

Career Development and Student Programs team helps every caregiver thrive by partnering with local educators and offering supportive programs, including tuition reimbursement, mentoring, and continuing education classes.


Health Anchor Network

Health Anchor Network is a growing national collaboration of over 45 leading healthcare systems building more inclusive and sustainable local economies. DEI works closely with Intermountain’s Talent Acquisition and Community Health teams on goals around local, inclusive hiring; increasing diverse applicants and creating a pipeline for growth through the organization. Find out more here.

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