Watch video of new software for editing initiative A3s in the CI Portal

By Matt Pollard, MD, vice president of Continuous Improvement

A3 video

The Intermountain Operating Model is used to align our Strategy Deployment process across the enterprise. Each year we learn—from the process and feedback from leaders—to make improvements to bring even greater clarity, alignment, and accountability for teams at all levels. 

As we begin the 2022 cycle for Strategy Deployment, we’re introducing a new editor for the initiative A3 in the CI Portal. Earlier feedback from leaders has been centered around the following frustrations:

  • complexity of the content and layout
  • usability of the software
  • ease of access when needing to present

Editing your initiative A3s will be easier using the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint platform; you’ll be able to print, save to PDF, and present. Watch this two-minute video to get familiar with these changes in the CI Portal. 

Each year as part of our Strategy Deployment process, leaders use the CI Portal to populate their teams’ Strategy Connection Tool (SCT). The SCT is used to identify KPIs and to watch metrics, strategic initiatives, and goals. As we connect our work through this tool, we bring alignment, clarity, and accountability to our improvement efforts.

All teams Tier 3 and above enter their strategy deployment into the SCT in the CI Portal so they can manage improvement over time, but also so other teams can see, coordinate, and align with their strategy. While Tier 1 and 2 teams directly participate in strategy deployment and set their own aligned measures and initiatives, they are not expected to enter their strategy into the SCT. Rather, their strategy connection lives on their performance boards on the walls of their units or areas. They display their respective KPIs, annual goals, and other lead measures where it can be managed and reviewed by the team.