A check-in on Check-Ins and Snapshots

Record Check-Ins and Snapshots by March 31 

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Tammy Bigelow, Director of Talent and Career Development  


Only two weeks are left in the first quarter of 2022. To date:

  • 70.3% of leaders have completed their quarterly Snapshots.
  • Only 19% of caregivers have recorded a Check-In.

Both items are due and should be completed in Workday by March 31, 2022. Please note, this deadline does not apply to leaders and caregivers at Saltzer Health because Check-Ins are still being integrated.

As a reminder, if you’re a leader with direct reports, it is your responsibility to schedule and hold a Check-In conversation AND complete a quarterly Snapshot every quarter for each caregiver on your team.

  • A Quarterly Snapshot consists of questions on an individual’s contribution to results and demonstration of key behaviors. It measures a caregiver’s performance each quarter. It appears in your Workday inbox as a task at the beginning of January, July, and October. Review the Snapshot tip sheet for additional instructions on completing and viewing Quarterly Snapshots for your team, initiating a new Snapshot or general feedback request, correcting Snapshot information if needed, and viewing the status of feedback requested from others.


  • A Check-In is a timely, future-focused, open dialogue conversation where leaders and caregivers connect and discuss contributions to team results and desired growth opportunities. Check-In’s should happen once per quarter, if not more frequently, between you and your caregivers, or your caregivers and a member of your leadership team. Press Ganey Caregiver Experience Survey results show that caregivers who connect frequently with their leader or a member of their leadership team through Check-Ins are more engaged in their work, understand where they can grow, and help support department priorities. That’s because they receive valuable feedback on a regular basis.

It is the caregiver’s responsibility to document the Check-In conversation in Workday. Reminder emails were sent to caregivers beginning Monday, March 14, who still need to document a Check-In for this quarter Here are some tips on how to make recording the Check-In a part of the process.


  • Rename 1:1 meetings as Check-In meetings. This is a reminder for everyone involved that you are having a Check-In.
  • Schedule your Check-In for 10 minutes longer than your conversation so the caregiver has time to document the Check-In before leaving.
  • Review the Check-In Dashboard regularly to see your team’s total completion for the quarter and follow up with caregivers who have not documented their conversation.
  • Add Check-In documentation as a huddle topic and answer any questions caregivers may have about the program.

Questions about Check-Ins?Please contact the HRBP Hub—801-442-7547, option 4, or askhr@imail.org—to speak to an HR business partner, or visit the Check-In website.

Resources:Check-In tip sheet | Leader Check-In page|Leader Check-In FAQ | Snapshot tip sheet | Workday dashboard