First 2022 KPI Dashboard now available


The first Intermountain Monthly Performance Dashboard of 2022 is now available. The dashboard shows Intermountain’s overall score for progress toward attaining the nine Board-reported key performance indicators (KPIs) for January 2022. A link to the dashboard will be shared with caregivers in the Caregiver Brief on Thursday, March 17.   

  • Please review the dashboard with your team. 
  • Use the resources on the Caregiver Incentive Plan website to help your team understand the KPIs, targets, and scoring for 2022. Resources are also available in Spanish, including the dashboard.
  • Post the dashboard on your performance/huddle board.

Our overall system attainment as of January 31, 2022, is 50%. While this is 17% lower than where we started in 2021, we develop our KPIs to drive improvement throughout the year. We consistently monitor key outcome metrics and focus our work to improve during the year. Some process metrics have identified timelines and milestones that impact the reporting level of performance at a given time. For example, we will not receive performance reports on the SelectHealth Affordability KPI until mid-quarter two.


During your next team huddle or meeting, take an opportunity to review ideas in the Get to Know Our 2022 KPIs document and discuss  how your team can positively impact progress on one or more of the nine KPIs. Many of these ideas will likely support your team or department goals. And we know from our progress last year that local, focused effort moves the performance needle closer to our goals for the organization.


Does your team have a great idea on how to impact performance of one of our KPIs that you’d like to share with other teams? Email the idea to with the subject line, “KPI Idea,” and we’ll feature select ideas each month.


As a reminder, pending approval by the Intermountain Board of Trustees, leader and caregiver incentives will be paid on April 8 (pay period 7). This is the first year caregivers will receive the caregiver incentive payment. Thank you for your great leadership in 2021.


Questions? Contact the HRBP Hub by emailing with the subject line “HRBP Hub” or by calling 801-442-7547, option 4.