Leaders can now designate a hiring manager assistant in Workday


A new hiring manager assistant role has been added to Workday to help leaders hire caregivers faster and easier. Now you can choose one or more caregivers in your roll-up to be your hiring manager assistant. Assigned in Access Hub and reflected in Workday, caregivers designated as a hiring manager assistant can help complete tasks in Workday for recruiting and hiring processes. For example, if you’re a leader of a large team, the caregiver you delegate as a hiring manager assistant can complete screening and interview tasks for you.

Karilee Fuailetolo, RN, nurse manager at St. George Regional Hospital, was able to participate in the pilot program for the hiring manager assistant functionality.

“With staffing and recruitment such an important aspect of our work, utilizing a hiring manager assistant on our unit has been a huge benefit for me as a manager,” Karilee says. “Now more than ever, timely responses are crucial to hire the candidates we want on our units. This process has allowed for quicker action as we work together through the recruiting and hiring steps. We’ve also seen a benefit from our hiring assistant being able to connect personally with applicants earlier in the recruiting process then they traditionally have, which is helping to build personal relationships early on.”

To designate a hiring manager assistant on your team, use this help guide to get started. You’re also invited to join a Workday hiring manager assistant learning session to ask questions and learn in a live environment. From your desktop or laptop computer, download the calendar appointment below that works best for you.

Please visit Workday for Leaders for valuable resources such as job aids and training videos to help you with Workday questions. Additional questions about this new process can be directed to Ask HR at 801-442-7547 or askhr@imail.org.