Final Snapshots due April 30

Strategies and reminders to help complete Final Snapshots

By Tammy Bigelow, Director of Talent and Career Development 

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All leaders with a direct report should have received a Final Snapshot task in Workday on April 1. The intent of a Final Snapshot is for you as a leader to summarize the last 12 months of performance by reviewing all Quarterly Snapshots and feedback collected throughout the previous year for each caregiver on your team. Final Snapshots are used to help guide allocating merit pay for annual increases. Read more about Final Snapshots.

Consider the points below while completing your Final Snapshots:

  • Final Snapshots must be completed by the caregiver’s manager listed in Workday and can’t be delegated to another leader. Please schedule time to complete Final Snapshots before the April 30 deadline.
  • Define the behaviors you’d expect to see for someone listed in each category. For example, what’s the difference between upper 10% and middle 50% in each job role? Having set criteria will create consistency in evaluating performance between caregivers.
  • If you manage a large department and others help you with Check-Ins, gather additional performance perspective from those leaders holding regular Check-Ins in your place. When managers and unit leadership teams collaborate on performance review discussions, they can bring valuable insight to Final Snapshot decisions.

Following these steps can help you and your team make consistent decisions as you measure overall performance and will help you make good merit pay increase decisions.

Please complete Final Snapshots by April 30. Unlike Quarterly Snapshots, the window for completing Final Snapshots won’t be extended to the end of the quarter. Snapshots not completed by April 30 will close and information won’t populate to your compensation worksheet to help you make merit increase decisions.

Questions about Final Snapshots? Please contact the HRBP Hub—801-442-7547, option 4, or—to speak to an HR business partner, or visit the Check-In website.

Resources: Final Snapshot Guide | Final Snapshot Video | Leader Check-In page