Changes to All Intermountain Clinics and Other Outpatient Settings

In our constant effort to have the safest environments to provide and receive care, the following changes apply to all Intermountain clinics and other outpatient settings, including Clinical Nutrition, Pain Management, Rehabilitation, Sleep Services, and LiVe Well Centers, and are effective March 17:


All clinic visits and office-based procedures:

  • Patient concerns will be accessed on a case-by-case basis and care will be triaged to virtual or in-person, based on medical necessity and patient preference.
  • We’ll use technology to address routine and preventive visits, or postpone the patient's visit to a later date, or if the patient prefers, do the visit/procedure in person.
Respiratory Therapy Services:
  • Elective respiratory therapies and procedures will be postponed.
  • For children under 5, well-child visits will continue, keeping immunizations on schedule.
  • Because seniors are a high-risk population, we’ll postpone their routine and annual wellness visits (AWVs), and are working on other approaches to provide preventive care.
These services are considered essential and will continue in person:
  • Dialysis Services (where possible patients will be transitioned to home dialysis), Diagnostic Imaging Services, Immunizations, Laboratory Services, Pharmacy Services, Wound Care Services.