Staying well through change

by Anne Pendo, MD, Sr. Medical Director, Provider Experience and Well-Being


In life, and especially healthcare, the only constant is change. As we embark on our integration journey, change presents opportunities for exciting new relationships and experiences. With teams and departments integrating into our new organization, we have the chance to learn from each other’s backgrounds and expertise. 

Times of change present excellent chances to evaluate goals, ponder intentions, and identify opportunities to sharpen our skills. Empowering each other, and acting with courage, can make change a beneficial experience. That’s why it’s critically important to reserve time to focus on the well-being of ourselves and our teams.


A growth mindset prepares us to focus on well-being during times of change. This mindset lends credence to the maxim “change is not easy.” Change requires practice. Many emotions come with change—fear, uncertainty, anxiety, apathy, and insecurity—to name a few. Embracing these emotions in future challenges, and persisting in the face of setbacks, can diminish uneasiness and point the way to positivity.


Honing the skills below can increase well-being and your chance of positive outcomes during challenging times. Click on the links for resources to enhance strengths and discover opportunities for personal improvement:


Success is born from working together and trusting others’ strengths. To manage change, we must focus on what is in our control. Visit the sites listed below for Intermountain resources to guide you during these times of change and development. Knowing what you need to stay well and the resources available can help create a community of support. Together we can accomplish tremendous things.