Celebrating Liz O'Brien, Lori Weston, and Melodie Toll

for recognition through the Health Management Academy

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In March 2022, Liz O’Brien, MD, Lori Weston, MBA, and Melodie Toll, MSN, RN, each completed 2-year fellows programs from The Health Management Academy. Liz completed the Academy GE Fellows Program Physician Executive Fellowship, Lori the Academy GE Administrative Fellows Program, COO track, and Melodie the Academy GE Fellows Program for Nurse Executives. They each graduated and in the ceremony that took place on Amelia Island, Florida.

Liz OBrien1

Elizabeth (Liz) O'Brien, MD

Liz pursued physician executive fellowship training to learn and build a foundation of leadership skills. The program improved her understanding and navigation of health policy, advocacy, health services finance and ethics. Through opportunities within the program, Liz created connections with a network of national leaders in healthcare to establish a core of mentors. Her primary objective throughout the program was to develop the skills needed to build engaged teams across disciplines. Facilitating positive change would develop front line leaders and bridge the intersections of administration and medical leaders.

Developing a neonatal service line at Intermountain Healthcare was Liz’s fellows action project. “At Intermountain Healthcare, our mission is Helping people live the healthiest lives possible™. Improving access to maternal and neonatal specialists will support our mission by keeping mothers and babies closer to home, decreasing transports to higher levels of care, and decreasing cost of care,” Liz explains, reflecting on the project. Liz knows that creating a neonatal service line with a neonatal tele-critical care platform will provide the foundation for rapid improvement and future growth.

Lori Weston_1

Lori Weston, MBA

In the administrative fellows program Lori completed, each fellow hones the essential knowledge, leadership skills, and business acumen needed to lead a top 100 U.S. health system. Fellows are required to work on an enterprise project for their health system for possible implementation and share lessons learned with other healthcare system leaders across the U.S. Therefore, a team-up of the three caregivers was a road to success for each of their individual fellowships.

“This was an amazing opportunity for me to network, collaborate and learn from other health care leaders in the U.S,” Lori says. “My project was to develop an organizational structure that aligns efforts at a federal, state, local health system, and individual facility level.” Lori’s project intended to transform how we live and work with one another. The project confronted systems of inequity, demonstrated accountable change, and promoted advancements in sustained efforts focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion. This work was incredibly valuable, and Lori could share her work within the Intermountain system and health care systems across the nation who are working to address similar concerns.

Melodie Toll_1

 Melodie Toll, MSN, RN

Sue Robel sponsored Melodie to complete her fellows’ program. The CNO forum is an exclusive network for Chief Nurse Executives from the nation’s leading health systems. This program focused on expanding leadership development skills. Melodie developed peer networks, addressed relevant issues, and provided resources on innovated practices and perspectives from across the network.

Intermountain congratulates and celebrates these three caregivers on an outstanding accomplishment and for the phenomenal insights their work has provided to the organization.