Five key things you need to know about our social media policy

Appropriate and professional use of social media is an important way you can help ensure privacy and confidentiality for patients and caregivers.

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Here are five important things you need to know about Intermountain’s Social Media Policy:

  1. Comply with HIPAA laws by not posting, commenting, acknowledging, or replying to questions and statements about a patient’s condition or care.  
  2. Feel free to comment or like posts as long as you don’t act as Intermountain’s spokesperson or state that your views represent the company.  
  3. Always be kind and make sure your comments are honest and accurate. Refrain from comments that may be considered harassment, threatening, discriminatory, or slanderous.  
  4. Intermountain’s Marketing and Communications Department is the only team authorized to create or manage branded social media pages.   
  5. Only those designated through the Marketing and Communications Department can speak to news media on behalf of Intermountain through social media.  

“When you’re using social media, caregivers should exemplify Intermountain’s value of mutual respect,” says Katie Gorris, compliance and ethics director. “Respect our patients by keeping their information confidential, and respect coworkers and online friends by keeping posts about work professional.” 

If you have any questions, or if you have ideas or stories for social media posts from the Intermountain Healthcare brand, please reach out to the Marketing and Communications Department by emailing