Intermountain leaders get their hands dirty...literally

Garfield Memorial Hospital’s Patient Account Services team has seen a decrease in their workload because of COVID-19, so they offered to help the maintenance team plant flowers around the hospital campus.

The flower planting team at Garfield Memorial Hospital

Dr. Shannon Phillips

Visiting Garfield Memorial on the day of the planting project were two of Intermountain’s senior leaders: Shannon Phillips, MD, chief patient safety and experience officer, and Mark Briesacher, MD, chief physician executive. When hospital administrator Alberto Vasquez mentioned the project to them, both jumped right in to help get the annual flowers planted and ready for the summer.


Dr. Mark Briesacher

Alberto says, "No surprise whatsoever that these two outstanding leaders didn't even hesitate to jump in. I really think that's reflective of the type of servant leadership Dr. Phillips and Dr. Briesacher show, and truly all of Intermountain. I’ve noticed a great feeling of teamwork as across the system we’re all pitching in and helping each other do what’s needed to do the right thing for our patients and community. A huge thanks to all, and especially to Dr. Phillips and Dr. Briesacher."