Medical Group IS caregivers help make curbside testing possible

They helped move equipment three times on short notice…

MG St George Brandon Jeff Dustin BN
Brandon Holt, Jeff Meyers, and Dustin Wright from Medical Group IS system services
Caregivers from the Medical Group IS system services support team in St. George gave a huge a boost to the River Road InstaCare COVID-19 curbside testing site when demand grew beyond the site’s capacity. Initially a few computers and printers were set up in a physician’s office in the clinic, but very quickly, more equipment and more space was needed — and the IS team was there to help.
MG St George SB

Brandon Holt, Jeff Meyers, and Dustin Wright

Jeff Meyers and Brandon Holt from client field services, along with Dustin Wright, a student intern, all worked hard to set up the infrastructure to support testing including computers, printers, and phones — and as the testing site grew and required more space, they moved equipment three times. 

First, the IS team moved the equipment to the administrative conference room, but when that became too small and congested, they responded to a second request to move everything to the other side of the building. Then, they received a third request to move everything again to Dixie Regional Medical Center’s 400 East campus, which is about a mile away.

“Each move happened very fast after the site had closed for the evening,” says Jeff, who helped lead the installations. “The first time we were notified Friday around noon and we installed the equipment that night. The second move we had two days. The third move we had one day (not counting the weekend).”

Jeff says the COVID-19 testing site started small with just one team, but the wait time for testing was getting too long, so a second team of caregivers were brought in. He says, “We wanted to make sure caregivers weren’t sitting too close together, so we needed a room large enough. Another problem we encountered was caregivers had to walk and back forth 100 yards to the test area in 90-degree heat. Now they only have to walk about ten feet in the shade.” 

“The curbside testing site wouldn’t have been possible without Jeff, Brandon, and Dustin,” says Carly Garrett, RN, an ambulatory nurse coordinator for the Medical Group who’s been helping coordinate the testing site with a team of redeployed caregivers. “Their quick and efficient response enabled us to maximize our testing capacity to better serve our community. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without their great work.”

Jeff says the IS team had to get creative to get the network, printer, and phones to work at the 400 East campus, which hasn’t been used in a few years. This included a lot of coordinating with Brian Meldrum with network technology, Mark Sorensen with telecom services, and with Cerner for iCentra-related support — and fortunately everyone was able to help out quickly.

Jeff says, “On Friday when I found out about the last move, I submitted a request to my contact at Cerner letting him know about our need. He had the request done within 30 minutes. It’s great when all of us who work behind the scenes support each other. It contributes to helping our patients.”  

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