Pharmacy team ensures a sick family gets their meds fast

AV Rx Team 4-2020
The Alta View Clinic Pharmacy team

When Shelley Fairbanks, her husband, and two of her three children were all sick in bed with COVID-19 last month, she had no way to get to the pharmacy to collect her family’s needed medications. That’s when the team at the Alta View Clinic Pharmacy came to the rescue.

“I was so sick,” Shelley says. “I couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone drive to the pharmacy. My husband and my son who drives were both sick as well. We weren’t sure what to do.”

Shelley called the pharmacy to ask for help, and spoke to Tara Nicholson, a pharmacy tech. Tara suggested Shelley try Intermountain’s prescription mail service, but Shelley said she needed the medication right away. So Tara spoke with Lisa Fluty, the pharmacy manager, and they came up with a plan to have one of their team members personally deliver the medication to Shelley’s home that day, along with any over-the-counter items Shelley might need.

Chris Barrus, pharmacy technician, started his shift soon after Shelley called, so Lisa ask him to make the delivery right after he arrived. He took the items to the Fairbanks’ home, then headed back to work.

Shelley called the pharmacy again the following Saturday to ask if they could manage one more delivery, and Lisa happily delivered the medication to the family’s home on her way home from work. Lisa knew that all three of Shelley’s children were also having their birthdays soon, so she offered to bring a birthday cake while she was at it.

“The neighbors had already brought us cake and balloons, but it was so sweet for her to even offer,” says Shelley. “And it shows how Lisa knows us and cares about us.”

Shelley says she’s been using the Alta View Clinic Pharmacy for at least 10 years because she loves the convenience of the drive-through, she likes the online prescription renewal option, and the caregivers are great.

“I’m in there quite a bit — most of them know me on a first name basis,” she says. “I’ve been through many pharmacies and Alta View is my favorite. They’re super friendly, super helpful, and they take the time to really get to know me. They’ve always been nice.”

In fact, Shelley says she has such a great relationship with the pharmacy team that she turned down the option of doing in-mail prescriptions because she’d rather go in to the pharmacy often to catch up with her friends there. And she says she plans to keep visiting them for many years to come.

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond,” she says to the pharmacy team. “It was seriously a lifesaver to not have to worry about getting our lifesaving prescriptions, and it also helped us protect others.”

Jeff Olson, PharmD, director of system ambulatory care pharmacy services, says, “I’m so impressed with the flexibility and focus the Alta View Clinic Pharmacy team used to care for this patient. We really have a wonderful team of caregivers.”

“It really wasn’t a big deal,” Lisa says. “We just treat people the way we’d like to be treated.”

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