Answers to common questions about changes to benefits eligibility and PTO accrual

Here are three more answers to common questions Ask HR has received about the changes to benefits eligibility and PTO accrual announced earlier this month:

Can you clarify how called-off hours work?

  • Called-off hours are hours a caregiver is scheduled to work but involuntarily misses because of low volume or, in limited cases, facility closure. These hours count toward benefits-eligible average hours.
  • When caregivers’ benefit eligible average hours are measured from October 4, 2020 through October 2, 2021, a limit of 150 called-off hours will count toward this calculation. The following year, the limit will drop to 100 called-off hours, and the year after that, the limit will drop to 52 called-off hours as managers continue work on staffing to volumes.

Who will be eligible for PTO in 2021?

  • Caregivers who are budgeted 20 or more hours per week.
  • Caregivers budgeted fewer than 20 hours per week will stop accruing PTO, however any balance already accrued will remain and may be used.
  • Caregivers who are 7 on/7 off and physicians don’t have changes to their paid time off programs.

    Will the amount of PTO hours I accrue change? How many total shifts can I cover with the new PTO accrual rates?

  • You can find the answers to these questions by reviewing the PTO Comparison Chart.
  • It compares PTO accrual from 2020 to 2021 for caregivers working 40, 36, 24, 20, and fewer than 20 hours and has recently been updated to show how many shifts can be covered for caregivers working either 8- or 12-hour shifts.

Visit the Benefits Eligibility and PTO Accrual Changes website for more information and for a comprehensive list of resources.

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