Here are ways you can help clean the air this Earth Week

Shawn BN
Shawn Morrow charging his electric vehicle   
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Shawn Morrow

LDS Hospital administrator Shawn Morrow lives in Heber City and wanted to get an electric vehicle to avoid contributing to air pollution during his hour-long commute to Salt Lake City. But there wasn’t an easy way to charge the vehicle while he was at work. He didn’t let that stop him.

“There weren’t any charging stations at LDS Hospital, so I parked at the Capitol Building and hiked down and back up Memorial Grove/City Creek Canyon twice a day, every day for seven months,” Shawn says. “I was thrilled when Intermountain’s sustainability team installed four EV charging stations at LDS Hospital in the summer of 2018, although I did appreciate the 20 pounds I lost making the daily hikes.” 

Intermountain is dedicated to supporting efforts to reduce air pollution because of the negative health impacts of poor air quality. Providing parking spaces for caregivers and community members to charge electric vehicles is one of many ways the organization is making commitments to clean air.

To date, Intermountain has installed 40 electric vehicle charging stations across 28 Intermountain sites. Since each electric vehicle charging station has two ports, we’ve successfully converted 80 parking spaces to spaces where electric vehicles can charge up. Since it takes a typical electric vehicle less than two hours to fully charge, each parking space dedicated to electric vehicles can charge multiple vehicles each day. Find the closest EV charging stations to your home or workplace

“We all have a responsibility to clear the air in Utah,” says Liz Joy, MD, senior medical director for wellness and nutrition. “Check out for tips from the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) on what you can do at home, at work, and in the community to protect Utah’s air and the health of all Utahns.”  

If you know Intermountain caregivers who are passionate about environmental conservation, please send information about them to so that Intermountain’s Sustainability team can partner with them to make a difference in our workspace.

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