Medical Group restructures practice leadership to strengthen support for specialties and clinical teams

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The Intermountain Medical Group last week announced a restructure of practice operations leadership. The changes simplify leadership layers by reducing tiers in job titles, and puts more leadership focus closer to patient-facing caregivers. It will also better align reporting structures by having practice leaders align with service lines instead of just geographically.

As part of the restructure, there will be:

  • A reduction in the number of senior leadership roles including practice directors, senior practice managers, and clinical practice managers
  • An increase in the number of practice manager and practice supervisor roles

The number of future practice leader roles will be 190, which is a net increase in professional opportunities from the current 182 positions. All impacted caregivers will have opportunities for continued employment within the Medical Group or elsewhere with Intermountain.

Reasons for the changes:

  • Reduces complexity in operations
  • Strengthens management support closer to patient-facing physicians, APPs, and other caregivers
  • Creates efficient specialty service line support

“Transitions like these can be challenging, and we’re deploying significant resources to help impacted caregivers move into new roles throughout the month of August,” says Jacque Durfey, vice president of operations for Intermountain Medical Group. “We appreciate your support for those impacted during this alignment.”

This restructure is the latest in a series of changes the Medical Group has been making to improve operations and better align work. In December 2020, the Medical Group moved from eight geographies to three markets and created 11 service line director roles. In May, senior practice director roles were aligned with primary care, community care, and specialty care.

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