Intermountain hires 49 APPs in mass hiring event; recognizes APP award nominees for improving patient care

Chris Hyer for sized betterfor  APP story
Chris Hyer, PA-C, Intermountain APP executive director, left, and Brenda Johnson, senior practice director in the Intermountain Medical Group, were at the event where 49 new physician assistants and nurse practitioners were hired.  

Intermountain advanced-practice providers (APPs) have been vital through the pandemic as many were redeployed to critical areas within the organization.

In the midst of the most recent COVID-19 surge, Intermountain APP leaders and HR colleagues held a single-day, mass-hiring event in late September to interview and hire 49 new physician assistants and nurse practitioners from a pool of more than 80 candidates to help meet the routine, emergent, and general healthcare demands of our communities.

“We’ve created this fast track approach because of COVID-19, and we brought together our HR, credentialing and panel partners to step up and get the help where it’s needed,” says Mary Harris, APP director for professional development and education. “These candidates are eager and willing to help, willing to learn, and come with a growth mindset. We’re blown away by the response.”

In October, APPs across Intermountain nominated their APP colleagues along with nursing, operations, and physician partners for eight different award categories. See the full list of 24 nominees below. This was part of a celebration alongside national APP Week.

“We want to honor each of your contributions and recognize physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse-midwives,” says Chris Hyer, PA-C, Intermountain APP executive director. “You’re part of a compassionate, patient-focused care team. Your work and contributions to the organization are appreciated. You have a powerful impact on patient care. As you spend time with patients and increase opportunities for patient care, your role in improving the patient experience is significant.”

The nominees will be voted on by all Intermountain APPs, and the final award recipients will be named the week of December 13-17.

“APPs serve as a needed resource to ensure patients can access the care they need, where and when they need it,” says Chris. “Check in on each other and remind each other to take a break. If you need any support in doing this, please don’t hesitate to talk with your leaders or access the Intermountain resources available to you.”

APP award nominees:

Excellence in Care: APP of the Year

  • Aaron Nydeggar
  • Carra Brandley
  • Sabrina Cowan

Research and Academics: APP of the Year

  • Melissa Winder
  • Viet Le
  • Kismet Rasmussen

Preceptor: APP of the Year

  • Marilee Slade
  • Jasmin Reid
  • Sid Biggs

APP Advocate of the Year

  • Kim McFarlane
  • Sheralee Petersen
  • Katie Swenson

APP Leader of the Year

  • Allison Showalter
  • Cynthia Papadopolous
  • Melissa Parra

Physician Partner of the Year

  • Eric Lindley
  • Steve Minton
  • Cara Camiolo Reddy

Nursing Partner of the Year

  • Amy Back

  • Nikki Ninalga
  • Shelley Boldon

Operations Partner of the Year

  • Jana Huffman
  • Elise Graham
  • Becky Johnson