Navigating Public Student Loan Forgiveness is about to get a bit easier for caregivers working for our 501(c)3 entities

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Intermountain is partnering with

Whether you have student loans now or might have them in the future, many are impacted by the financial strains that come with earning a college education. Intermountain is partnering with, a company that specializes in helping students navigate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. 

If you currently have student loans, have you ever wondered:

  • Do I qualify for PSLF?*
  • Should I consolidate my student loans?
  • Should I refinance my student loans?
  • Can I get individualized help?

Find out more about’s PSLF and student-loan refinancing tools and options by joining a kick-off webinar July 6 and 7. You can also download this PSLF Employee Guide to help you get started right away.

Click to download an Outlook appointment for a webinar:

Log into using your Intermountain credentials for help determining the best student loan repayment strategy for you and to calculate your potential savings for each approach. 

You can also discover which loan options are available to you and your college-bound children, including estimating how much a college education will cost you or your child.

*Only caregivers employed by Intermountain Healthcare entities with a current 501(c)3 status qualify for PSLF.

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