Oncology nurse achieves her never-ending quest for growth with support from Intermountain

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Rachel Pink, NP

Rachel Pink has done a lot in her 30 years of nursing. She’s never stopped learning and explores new options by gaining more knowledge and getting new certifications.

“One of the things nice about a nursing degree is you can work in a lot of different areas with that basic RN degree,” says Rachel, who started with Intermountain three years ago. “The cool thing about nursing is you can grow and learn. Everything connects and interconnects.”

Rachel’s quest for growth has taken her to the position of nurse practitioner in oncology at the La Canada clinic in Nevada. She has worked in a variety of nursing roles, starting as a registered nurse. Throughout her career, Rachel has continued her growth as a provider, most recently working her way up to the position of registered nurse operations manager, where she oversaw staff at various clinics.

Despite enjoying her time managing medical assistants and nurses, she felt the pull to get back to helping patients. That’s why she enrolled to become a nurse practitioner, which was something she always wanted to do, but held off for a variety of reasons.

“I realized (I wanted to go back) when my last child got into college and we were empty-nesters,” Rachel says. “Then COVID hit, and it was the perfect time. I thought I might as well go back to school. It was my little COVID project.”

Rachel made oncology her focus, which was an area she felt passionate about after her time working in an oncology clinic. For her, the types of stories and relationships that one encounters as an oncology nurse are what make it worth it.

“We’re really making those relationships with people. I may have a patient in their late 80s and they may not have a great outcome, but they say to me, ‘My granddaughter is getting married in October and that’s my goal.’ That’s huge,” Rachel says. “Obviously, the goal is to cure someone. Sometimes getting them to the little milestones is huge too.”

Rachel took advantage of Intermountain’s tuition reimbursement program to reach her educational goal. She had worked at other healthcare companies prior to Intermountain, but she says this was the first one to support her through her journey of acquiring more knowledge by providing both a place to perform her clinicals and financial support.

“I was so lucky,” she says. “Dr. Stephen Yates has mentored me. Sloan Albert helped me get clinicals when I needed it. I had great clinical instruction.”

Rachel appreciates the support Intermountain gave her throughout her journey.

If you’re interested in furthering your educational journey, Intermountain offers a variety of options. Learn more here. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Graduate and professional skills courses, high school diplomas or English language courses offered online from top-tier academic institutions. The PEAK benefit can also be gifted to dependents of Intermountain caregivers.
  • For RNs interested in earning your BSN through PEAK, Intermountain offers up-front tuition coverage where eligible caregivers are offered up to $5,250 annually for several world-class RN to BSN programs. 
  • Standard Tuition Assistance. Intermountain’s Standard Program reimburses 70% of the eligible tuition, up to $2,000 per calendar year. This option is available for any degree at an accredited college or university. See the website for additional details and requirements.
  • Enhanced Tuition Assistance. Intermountain has increased the reimbursement rate of Enhanced Option programs to $5,250 per calendar year. The RN – BSN program is also part of the Enhanced Option program.
  • Udemy. Udemy is an online self-directed learning platform with over 5,000 top-rated personal and professional development courses taught by experts. Courses are free and available to all Intermountain caregivers.

For caregivers who are interested in beginning a nursing career:

  • Intermountain is hiring and paying for individuals to complete CNA training through ccCNA, an accredited CNA program. For caregivers who are interested in becoming a PCT, Intermountain is providing opportunities to be trained and then hired as a CNA (or patient care tech.) Caregivers attend a two-week CNA online course and onsite clinical rotations to prepare for the exam. Intermountain will cover the cost of the class. For more information, call 801-442-2100 or email IntermountainTalentSourcing@imail.org
  • Intermountain partners with Salt Lake Community College on a two-year RN training program. Cohorts are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. Students earn an Associates of Science in Nursing and are prepared to sit for the NCLEX exam.

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