About the Class


This class is offered both virtual and in person on the same day and time. The class is live in real time, online and in person, families will learn together at the same time. Class starts at 10:00 am and ends at 5:00pm with a virtual tour of Labor and Delivery.

Contact: Becca Sedlacek  Phone: 238-6010 Email: rebecca.sedlacek@imail.org

In this fun and interactive class you will learn the Lamaze "Healthy Birth Practices" that are supported by research that examines the benefits and risks of maternity care practices. These practices represent the best things a mother can do to ensure positive, healthy birth outcomes for both she and her baby.  This class is perfect for women and their support person to attend virtual or in person (please feel welcome to attend if you do not have anyone to attend with you).  We cover all the topics a new mom should know before birth.  Returning moms are welcome to attend this class if they would like a refresher of what to expect. This class is taught by our area’s only Lamaze Certified Instructor and is offered to you free as our commitment to providing quality care for you and your family.

When registering for class, you only have to register one person. Choose “Virtual” or “In person” class.

The week prior to class you will receive an emailed link to join the class online through Google Meets, you do not need an app to join. Below are the directions to the Mansfield center were the in person class is held.

When should I take this class?

  • You are welcome to attend Lamaze at any time during your pregnancy, but it may be best to come somewhere between the end of the second trimester to the beginning of the third trimester.

What to expect at class:

  • Please note that if you are attending the "Getting Ready for Baby" series, you will find that some information will be repeated. You are welcome to attend both classes.
  • The class is VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON you will learn the same information in person as online and you can choose to turn your camera off at home, but at home, but please don't forget to ask questions. Please email rebecca.sedlacek@imail.org if you would like to change your virtual or in person registration.
  • Our class covers a large amount of information and as you will learn in our time together this knowledge is empowering.
  • The class will also provide a virtual tour of our Labor and Delivery and Mother Newborn units at https://linktr.ee/stvincentob.

Registration Information:

  • Registration closes 1 week prior to the class. If you are interested in signing up and registration is closed, please email rebecca.sedlacek@imail.org.  There is more than likely space and she can add you to the roster.

Virtual Lamaze Class

What Should I Have Available at Home for the Virtual Class?

  • Two pillows and one blanket or yoga mat.
  • A chair without arms like a kitchen chair.
  • A yoga ball if you own one.
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone to join the class virtually.

Helpful Google Meets Tips

  • Sometimes the sound in Google Meets is not very good or there is feedback. If you find this turn the sound off on your device and use your phone to call in, but still watch the video on your computer.
  • Mute yourself, but turn your microphone on to ask questions. I really want to encourage you to ask questions. Please interrupt me if you have a question or type your question in the side bar. Interaction is why we want to have the class be "live" and not just a recording.

In-Person Lamaze Class

What to Bring

  • You and your Support Person, please wear comfortable clothing.
  • Two pillows and one blanket or yoga mat.
  • Water bottle and a sack lunch, we do have a fridge to store food. We will provide snacks.

Other In-person Class Information

  • Saturday class we have lunch together while we learn. Please bring your lunch and snacks. We have a fridge to store your lunch. We do provide snack as well.
  • You can park in the lot marked “Valet Parking” located directly across from the entrance of the Mansfield Center, You will see a horse statue at the entrance. This parking lot borders North 30th Street.
  • Once class begins, the doors will be locked, please knock on the farthest windows from the doors (past the horse).


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Rebecca Sedlacek