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Support Group
Managing Long Term Conditions
Coping with Cancer Support GroupSupport group for any patient living with cancer.
Managing Long Term Conditions
Coping with Cancer Companioning Support GroupNavigating the role of supporting loved ones through their cancer survivorship journey.
Managing Long Term Conditions
Grief Support Classes for ParentsThese classes are intended to provide support for parents grieving the loss of a child.
Adults walking outdoors arm in arm
Surgery PreOp and PostOp
Ostomy Support GroupPresentations from specialists with valuable information about products and services. Also, time to talk with other ostomates for support and to get answers to questions. All patients, family members and care givers are invited to attend.
ostomy support group
Featured in Weight Management|Surgery PreOp and PostOp
Surgical Weight Loss Support GroupFor patient's who have had or are considering weight loss/bariatric surgery.
Girl and Boy Exercising
Child Care and Parenting|Childbirth
Breastfeeding Support Group - Good Samaritan Medical CenterLooking for some support on your breastfeeding journey? This is the place! Join us weekly until your baby is six months old.
Managing Long Term Conditions|Wellness and Mindfulness
Cancer Connection GroupThe Connection Group will be a place for survivors, current patients, family members, friends and community members who have ever had a connection to cancer. Cancer can have an overwhelming impact on all involved and we aim to build an escape from the feeling of isolation a cancer diagnosis can create.
Childbirth|Child Care and Parenting
Nursing Support Group - Lutheran Medical CenterWe cover the latest information on baby care with current experts in their field, we share our experiences as new mothers, gaining support and confidence in our new role.
Childbirth|Child Care and Parenting
Virtual Breastfeeding & Beyond Birth 4th Trimester Mom's GroupNeed some breastfeeding & 4th trimester support? Join us virtually every Tuesday morning beginning at 9:30am.
Childbirth|Child Care and Parenting
The Mama ConnectionThe Mama Connection is a great way to get out of the house and meet other new moms while you share the joys, frustrations, successes and challenges of motherhood. Join us weekly until your baby is six months old.