Infant Massage Course

Date & Time

Wed June 4, 2014 - 12:00 PM


LDS Hospital

8th Avenue and C Street
Salt Lake City, Utah  84143

Education Building
South Auditorium or Classrooms ABC

$40 per couple

Register online or call 801-507-7731.



Infant Massage Course — A two-part series, may be taken before or after birth. Take this class and have fun with your baby.  Learn massage strokes that relieve colic, tummy aches, and will help your baby sleep better. Massaging your baby promotes bonding and improves baby's immune system.  Babies love it! You may take the class during pregnancy and practice the strokes on a doll, or wait until after birth and bring your baby to class for a hands-on practice.

Bring 2 bath towels.  Massage oil and and an infant massage book are included with the course.
LDH Class Schedule
2014 LDSH CBE Schedule.docx 
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