Caregiver Alliance for Brain Injury and Stroke Survivors

Date & Time

Wed February 19, 2014 - 7:00 PM


Intermountain Medical Center
Doty Education Center
Building 6 Classroom 8



Moderated by Lynny Anderson, MSW

“Our friends and family ask, “How do you do it?”

Well, how do we do it?

Do we run, walk, downward facing dog?

Do we Diet Coke, scream, cry or work ourselves to exhaustion?

“Where is our outlet?” (and I don’t mean the Park City stores. I mean where do we go for relief?)

Do you need someone who understands YOU?

A little caretaking for the caretaker, if you will.

Come soothe your SOUL and even get some resources for you and your survivor!

If you cannot attend, but would like to attend via internet, please message for information about how to participate.
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