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That statement sums up the vision for our work at Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation-it's what drives us.

This might sound overly ambitious or too optimistic, but every day, our medical research continually improves the quality of healthcare. And these improvements benefit patients locally, nationally and globally.

Let me give you some examples :Several years ago the Foundation helped the Cardiovascular research group establish a DNA storage bank. Today, it has grown into a one-of-a-kind biobank, unmatched anywhere in the world. Its unique combination of nearly 30,000 DNA samples can be linked with clinical and outcomes data from Intermountain's medical informatics record system.

Linking this wealth of information together enables researchers to apply meaningful analysis to a patient's known genetic makeup. With this tool, our researchers have developed methods to predict who is likely to have a heart attack, who will receive the most benefit from treatment A versus treatment B, and the correct dose of certain medications, specific to each patient. All of this research was supported by Foundation-funded grants.

Our Critical Care research group has reduced the mortality rate of patients with sepsis and septic shock in the intensive care unit by nearly 40%. With Foundation funding, they were able to study how the body maintains blood supply to vital organs while under attack from serious infection. Applying what they learned, they now use this information to save more lives. Their findings have been presented at several international medical conferences .

Pulmonary researchers have developed an electronic screening tool to quickly and accurately identify emergency department patients with pneumonia. The tool screens patients for 40 different variables that may indicate pneumonia. By analyzing those variables together, the tool can alert caregivers when there is an indication of pneumonia in their patient and recommend treatment options. The results of their Foundation-funded work were published and received broad media coverage.

We are ambitious and optimistic! And with your support, we'll continue to provide medical research funding that improves healthcare delivery, reduces medical costs and saves lives.

Thank you for your support! 

Lynn J. Ames, Chair

Lori T. Piscopo, Chief Development Officer


IRMF Board of Trustees

​Lynn J. Ames, Chair
Matthew L. Mitton, Vice-Chair
Steven C. Fullmer, Secretary/Treasurer
Larry D. Hancock
Stephanie Horne
Robert C. Liljenquist
Lori T. Piscopo
James Zeberlein
J. Robert Bonnemort
Samuel W. Clark, Jr.
Robert K. Corcoran
Michael Dale
Norine Foote
Allyson Gamble
David Grauer
Jean Jensen
Bryan Johnson
Blair Kent
​Brad L. Markus
Michael Moffitt
J. Brent Muhlestein, MD
Laurie Niederee, MD
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Shahab Saaed
Steve Snarr
Stanford “Bud” Stoddard
Jim Sheets
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