Ambulatory Testing

Instructions for COVID-19 Ambulatory Testing

These are instructions, as of March 31, for ordering COVID-19 testing in ambulatory settings to be done by Intermountain Central Lab. Testing collection locations may change. Please check this page regularly for updated information.

Patient Assessment: Each patient must be assessed clinically before testing.

  • Assess patient in clinic via telehealth (telephone and/or video visit) or refer them to the COVID-19 Patient Hotline for assessment at 844-442-5224. The patient must be assessed, and testing ordered if appropriate.
  • Begin the iCentra ordering process (see below) to document the patient history or complete the Intermountain Patient History/Order Form here. 
  • Beginning March 31, the Utah Department of Health is encouraging testing for any patient who is symptomatic with fever or lower respiratory symptoms (cough, dyspnea)
  • All patients who are referred for testing must strictly adhere to home isolation. CDC Home Isolation Instructions

Order the Test:

  • Ordering COVID-19 testing in iCentra is preferred.
    • Search COVID-19 in the iCentra orders catalogue or find the order on your Quick Orders page.
    • The ordering process will help you assess whether the patient qualifies for testing. It will not allow ordering if the patient doesn’t qualify.
    • If iCentra logic doesn’t allow testing providers may call the provider SCORE line 801-50-SCORE to discuss the case and revisit the decision.
    • When the test is ordered in iCentra, Intermountain testing sites will automatically be notified that the patient is coming.
  • If ordering on paper fax the Patient History/Order Form  to the Intermountain COVID-19 Center (Fax #: 385-297-2343). The patient is not required to have a paper order in hand when they go.

Send Patient for Testing

  • Direct the patient to a community COVID-19 testing site. The locations of testing sites are updated frequently based on demand and supply availability. Please refer to the COVID-19 Testing Locations page for an updated list of locations.
  • When the patient arrives instruct them to remain in their car. Signs at the collection site will direct them to call a phone number so that a caregiver can collect their sample. They will receive instruction from the collection site staff on where to go.
  • Samples will be run based on patient prioritization. 

Positive Test Results

  • An infectious disease provider or the Intermountain COVID monitoring team will inform patients and ordering providers of the results of positive tests, initiate contact investigation with patient, and implement a daily home isolation monitoring program in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Intermountain has developed a process to track all COVID-19 test results ordered through Intermountain facilities. The COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring (cRPM) Team will track results and initiate remote monitoring of positive patients in collaboration with the health department.
  • Patients and providers may call the COVID-19 Patient Hotline at 844-442-5224 for questions about results.

Negative Test Results

  • The Intermountain cRPM Team will inform patients of negative results.
  • The Intermountain cRPM Team will provide patients clinical guidance regarding appropriate social isolation and care until their symptoms resolve.

Intermountain Community COVID-19 Testing Sites 

Connect Care/physician office and UDOH should refer to the locations listed on the COVID-19 Testing Locations page. The locations of testing sites are updated frequently based on demand and supply availability. Please have the patient call from their car when presenting at these sites (phone numbers will be posted at each of the sites).

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