Changes to COVID Testing

Effective September 24, 2020, Intermountain Healthcare is changing aspects to the way we test at our COVID-19 community testing sites. Our goal is to make the testing process more comfortable and streamlined for patients.

What's Changing?


Intermountain is transitioning to collecting saliva instead of swabbing deep in the nose for testing samples. This new process should be much more comfortable for patients and enable us to collect samples from more patients at one time while maintaining the quality of our testing. This new collection method is available to patients ages 6 and older, though patients may choose the swabbing method if they are unable to produce enough saliva.

NOTE: Please do not take anything by mouth 30 minutes before testing. This includes eating, drinking, brushing your teeth/using mouthwash, mints, smoking, chewing tobacco, etc.

Some testing locations are also adjusting to testing indoors instead of curbside. Be on the lookout for updates when you arrive at your local testing site.

What is not changing?

Though our method of collecting samples is changing, the test itself is not. Intermountain still uses a high-quality PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test to process your sample, which detects the COVID-19 virus’s genetic material in your system. Because the test is not changing, turnaround times will remain similar to those of our swab-based tests.

We also still encourage you to download Intermountain My Health+ digital health app to access your results as soon as they are available.