Donation Guidelines

Homemade Cloth Face Covering Donations

Cloth face coverings are a good way to protect against the spread of disease, including COVID-19. Informational guides, patterns, and a list of donation drop-off locations for cloth face coverings is available now. Find out more about how to make your own cloth face covering or how to create and donate homemade cloth face coverings to patients, visitors, and Intermountain Healthcare caregivers.

In-Kind Gifts Update

During our initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic, donations of non-cash items from the community (also called community drop-off donations or in-kind gifts) were temporarily declined at all Intermountain facilities. These in-kind gift offers of toys, blankets, books, markers, clothes, hygiene kits, and other physical items were declined until we had a chance to learn more about the impact of COVID-19.

Now that we are more knowledgeable about how the virus spreads on surfaces and how to mitigate the risk of transmission to ourselves and others, we are planning to reinstate the ability for the community to drop off in-kind donations. However, we have established modified donation guidelines for those looking to donate in-kind items to our facility locations:

  • Prior to arrival, donors must call to schedule a drop-off time with the local facility volunteer leader (or their designee). The volunteer leader for each location can be contacted by calling the facility directly or at 801-442-3443.
  • Donors must also follow any facility-specific guidelines for donations, as they may vary depending on the particular local facility’s needs, the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community and other factors.
  • Please do not enter the facility to donate items. In-kind donations will be received curbside outside the facility location.
  • All in-kind donated items will be quarantined for a minimum of one week prior to distribution.
  • Donors are asked to complete the donation form, especially if they wish to have a record of their donation. The form is available here.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our patients and communities.

A general list of approved items is available here.

The donation form is available here.