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There are three versions of Facility Search. Each is identified by the logo that appears at the top of the search page.

  • Intermountain Healthcare: Shows facilities owned by Intermountain Healthcare.
  • SelectHealth: Shows facilities that contract with SelectHealth, the health insurance division of Intermountain Healthcare. It shows facilities owned by Intermountain Healthcare and facilities owned by other healthcare companies.
  • Intermountain Medical Group: Shows clinics owned by the Intermountain Medical Group, the division of Intermountain Healthcare that employs approximately 500 physicians and owns clinics including multi-specialty clinics and other doctor offices, InstaCare and KidsCare urgent care clinics, WorkMed occupational health clinics, and pharmacies.

Search Options and Search Results

All search criteria are optional.

You can search by a facility's name or by facility type (hospital, urgent care clinic, pharmacy, etc.) You can search by city, zip or county. In the SelectHealth version of Facility Search, it is recommended to search by the plan you're on to limit search results to that plan.

From the Search Results page, you can refine your search by searching within a specified distance from a chosen city or zip and by narrowing results to facilities that offer weekday evening hours (hours after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) or weekend hours (any hours on Saturday or Sunday) or that are open 24 hours seven days a week.

Search Results display a facility's name, address, phone number, a list of services offered at the facility, a link to maps and directions, a link to the facility's website if one exists, and a list of SelectHealth plans with which the facility is affiliated.

Reasons Why a Facility May Not Appear in Search Results

  • The facility is not owned by Intermountain Healthcare or does not contract with at least one SelectHealth insurance plan.
  • The facility requested not to be shown in Facility Search or under a particular insurance plan.
  • The facility is not in the directory database and needs to be added. To request a facility to be added, please send an email to webmaster@intermountainmail.org
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