Document Shredding for Charity

Shred your documents, and support the Intermountain Foundation for Homecare and Hospice at the same time.

Cintas Document Management is joining with us to give you the opportunity to safely and securely clear out your old documents, financial statements, and other sensitive information, while helping to support the charitable mission of Intermountain Homecare.

Gather up those boxes that have been cluttering your basement, and bring them to our charity shred event. Not only can you have the peace of mind in being protected from identity and consumer fraud, but also in supporting a great cause.

What Can I Shred?

Cintas will securely and confidentially dispose of any of the following items:

  • Back-up disks
  • ​Microfilm and microfiche
  • ​Floppy disks
  • ​Prescriptions
  • ​Cassette and audio tapes ​
  • Blueprints
  • Invoices
  • Medical records
  • ​Bank statements
  • Micro media
  • ​Canceled checks
  • ​Draft copies of letters
  • ​Profit and loss statements ​
  • Drug screens
  • ​Leases ​
  • Cash books
  • ​Capital stock ledgers ​
  • Financial statements
  • ​Patent and related data ​
  • Correspondence
  • ​Computer printouts
  • ​Tax returns
  • ​Market research studies
  • ​Trademark information
  • ​Customer lists
  • ​Complaints
  • ​Sales figures ​
  • Sealed bids
  • ​Old or inaccurate sales literature
  • ​Strategies
  • ​Contracts ​
  • Balance sheets
  • ​R&D information ​
  • Reconciliations
  • ​Personnel reports
  • ​Audit reports
  • ​Memos and legal briefs
  • ​Monthly trial balances
  • ​Technical data
  • ​Claims and litigation records
  • ​Insurance records
  • ​Time cards
  • ​Sign-in or registration forms
  • New product designs
  • ​Credit card receipts ​
  • Credit card applications
  • ​Marketing or advertising plans
  • ​​X-rays

*Staples, rubber bands, folders, paper clips, etc do not need to be removed prior to shredding.