Homecare General Fund

The Intermountain Foundation for Homecare and Hospice supports Intermountain Homecare in its charitable mission of providing services to its patients without regard to their ability to pay. The services provided by Intermountain Homecare include home health, hospice, medical equipment and supplies, specialized wheelchairs and mobility equipment, and home infusion therapy.

Each month Intermountain Homecare affects the lives of thousands of individuals who gain quality of life, independence, and freedom that may not otherwise be possible.

Hospice Care

Sometimes healing isn't about getting better, but about making the most of the days you have left. Hospice is a specialized service for individuals who are dealing with a terminal illness, with less than six months to live. It is a holistic approach to care, addressing the mind, body, and spirit, and ensuring that pain and other symptoms are managed in order to allow patients to be comfortable, and dignified in their final days. Hospice seeks to neither prolong life, nor hasten death. Rather it is about living life to its fullest, while having time to spend with your loved ones, and saying goodbye.

We are proud to support Intermountain Homecare in its delivery of hospice services to their patients, without regard to ability to pay.

Pediatric Homecare

Pediatric homecare is an increasingly under-supported service in our community. Intermountain Homecare, as a mission driven, not-for-profit homecare provider is dedicated to providing these services for children in our communities, even those who may lack adequate health insurance coverage or have a reduced ability to pay for them.

We are proud to support Intermountain Homecare in this charge. Your donation will touch the lives of these children and families we serve, far into the future, by ensuring their health and well-being today.