Charity Care

Intermountain Healthcare is committed to serving the needs of patients and our community. Donations allow us to provide care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay.


Donations fund a community health information center, a library equipped with the latest technology, books, and anatomical models to help patients learn about a take control of their health. They also fund department conferences, designed to educate clinicians about the latest medical advances so they can provide high quality care.

Projects and Programs

  • We support Common Bonds, a project to pair families with infants in the NICU with family who have had a similar experience in the past.
  • We provide mammograms to women who are unable to afford this life-saving preventive care.
  • We support BEST Youth Program, teaching youth to eat healthy and stay active in a fun atmosphere.

Research and Technology

We fund a variety of research projects and technological implementations to improve patient care, reduce costs, and save lives. These are just a few examples of our recent projects:

  • Developing methods to detect blood clots earlier in pregnant women
  • Studying how fasting on a regular basis keeps you healthier
  • Drawing blood samples from the placenta instead of a newborn after birth to reduce stress to the child
  • Monitoring how well the heart works at high altitude
  • Placing cameras in the NICU to help family members bond with their infants
  • Purchasing a four-head microscope, which reduces teaching time and increases the quality of student training