Giving Back to Help Others

Greg Kemp may be a successful button-down CPA and Wealth Manager, but he’s been known to pair his formal wear with cowboy boots. The boots are more than just a fashion statement; Kemp and his family spend as much time as they can at their ranch, riding horses and enjoying every one of the Crystal K’s 600 acres.

A native of southern Utah, Kemp certainly has red dirt in his boots. Work with an international firm of CPAs brought him to St. George in 1974, where he eventually started his own business and put down roots. During his time here, Kemp has served as everything from a board member of the Chamber of Commerce to the honorary chair for the Art Around the Corner Foundation. He is especially proud of his work as the capital campaign co-chair for the Intermountain Foundation, Dixie Regional Medical Center.

When he’s not at the ranch or in a board meeting, Kemp is often found on the golf course or riding his bike. No one so physically and civically active wants to slow down. But a volley of chest pains one day in 2014 threatened Kemp’s lifestyle; he feared a heart attack. Fortunately, he paused to visit the emergency department at Dixie Regional Medical Center, where, as Kemp says, “they take chest pain seriously. Before I could even sit down, they had me hooked up and were checking my vitals.”

As it turns out, Kemp’s chest pains weren’t a heart attack. The Dixie Regional staff sent him on his way with a recommendation for a good cardiologist. Kemp met with this doctor, who then recommended that Kemp receive a specific heart procedure at the hospital. When he did, Kemp was blown away.

“The service levels were off the charts. Everyone was very attentive, pleasant, and responsive. They seemed, if anything, overly concerned about how I was doing. I got treated like royalty! At first I wondered if it was because I’d had something to do with raising money for the hospital. But when I looked around, I saw that everyone was being treated that way.” 

Kemp’s experience only validated what he’d believed all along. “What we have built at Dixie Regional is remarkable. But healthcare is always evolving, and so is our hospital. Continued support of world-class healthcare in our community is a no-brainer, especially since it benefits everyone.”

Kemp and his wife, Arlynn, generously supported the hospital expansion project through Intermountain Foundation capital campaign. Why? “A hospital this good is a great thing to have in our community.”