Antiobiotic Stewardship

Antibiotic resistance has become a threatening force for the world’s progress in healthcare and life expectancy. Intermountain has committed to take action in the Global Antimicrobial Resistance Challenge, a yearlong effort to bring awareness and accelerate the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Our use of antibiotics is essentially preventing antibiotics to be effective for the next generation. That's why Intermountain has established antibiotic stewardship teams to help prevent drug resistance in the future.

Intermountain is partnering with the CDC and United Nations General Assembly to launch a patient-centered initiative targeting outpatient antibiotic prescribing. The initiative will include novel antibiotic prescribing metrics with prescriber feedback, electronic health record tools, education for patients and providers, and a public awareness campaign. Intermountain will also launch the Healthy Patient Initiative to build on current infection prevention activities, including improving patient hygiene, environmental hygiene, and caregiver infection prevention.

“The development of drug resistance leads to worse outcomes and worse patient experience,” Dr. Stenehjem says. “It leads to higher cost of care and it leads to high rates of death. We need to be stewards of these resources for generations to come. We're not going to get around this by making new drugs. We're always going to have drug resistance and so we have to slow that tide.”

Listen to Dr. Stenehjam's 25-minute podcast about Antibiotics. Hear this and many other discussions at Intermountain's Podcasts, on iTunes, and wherever you get your podcasts. Check out our antibiotics fact sheet to learn about side effects, when antibiotics can be helpful and what questions to ask your doctor.

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