Created by the ICDP in collaboration of University of Utah College of Nursing.  

The goal of the Disaster Essentials™ for Healthcare Professional (DEHP) course is interprofessional collaboration and education to encourage increased knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of various healthcare disciplines and improve communication and collaboration in future work settings. This interdisciplinary course is designed to prepare students to work together and improve safety as well as the quality of the health care provided in response to a community-based disasters.

Exercises are a critical component to enhancing interprofessional communication and teamwork. Through scenario – based drills, health profession students will practice patient care management, team-based and patient-centered care, and communications, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Facilitated discussions and debriefing are incorporated to encourage learning across disciplines and enhance teamwork. The purpose of this course is to better prepare future healthcare providers to practice in a team-based environment in the event of a disaster.

Course Objectives

  • To engage students, through interactive methods, to understand the importance of disaster and emergency preparedness through real-world hazards.
  • To help students understand the definition of a disaster.
  • To educate students on the importance of preparing a plan and a kit for both home and work.