From its startling early stages to the promises of tomorrow, learn about megatrends in medicine.

Your grandfather had a 50/50 chance of being helped, rather than hurt, in a hospital. Experts predict that your child or grandchild born today could very likely live to be more than 120 years old. What will happen when exploding technologies like genetic testing and gene therapy, advanced bio-medical computing and other wonders of medicine meet these longer lives? How will we pay for it? What about the workforce supply and growing concerns over privacy?

These megatrends will shape the future of healthcare in America. We don't have all the answers, but we'll discuss how Intermountain is using quality improvement techniques, extraordinary care, and information technology to help address everything from cost pressures to clinical excellence and patient safety. We'll also discuss how our not-for-profit structure supports medical research and training, and helps provide a crucial safety net for the medically underserved in Utah.

It matters today. It may matter even more tomorrow.