Eat Well

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Get Better Grades


Don't you wish you could eat something that would improve your memory, focus your brain and also help you get better grades?

You can — it's called breakfast!

There's lots of research demonstrating that kids who eat breakfast do better in school than kids who don't — so much so, in fact, that many schools now serve breakfast to make sure all students have eaten it!

Here are some of the research findings:

  • Kids who skip breakfast make more mistakes on their schoolwork and also have difficulty memorizing things.
  • When kids are hungry, they tend to get lower grades on math tests and they are also more prone to behave badly — they're even more likely to get suspended!
  • After eating breakfast, kids are more alert, and do better on test scores!

Eating breakfast sounds like a no-brainer now, right?

An A+ breakfast is one that includes whole grains, fruits/vegetables and protein — so take note!​​