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Healthy Hot Cakes


Don't be thinking pancakes are not a good breakfast for a healthy eater — they're excellent if you take a few steps to be sure they'll give you good fuel for the day ahead.

For instance:

You can bake pancakes in the oven to avoid the greasy-griddle problem, you can substitute other grains for white flour, you can top your hotcakes with good-for-you fruits and vegetables, or you can even add protein powder to build strong bones and muscle.

You can find lots of healthy pancake recipes online. Good search terms to use include the following:

  • Gluten-free pancakes
  • Cornmeal pancakes
  • Whole wheat or buckwheat pancakes
  • Oat pancakes
  • Vegetable pancakes
  • Pancakes with protein powder
  • Lemon or orange pancakes
  • Yogurt pancakes

It's okay to enjoy your healthy pancakes with a bit of butter and real maple syrup if you go easy on the amount you pour on. But there are other delicious and healthful toppings you can try as well, including applesauce, 100% fruit preserves, a drizzle of honey, or a dollop of fruity yogurt.