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Piping Hot Cereal


Hot cereal warms you from the inside out, so it's a great way to start a cold day. Oatmeal is tasty and healthful but the hot and healthy breakfast options don't stop there — you can find many other good choices, like cream of wheat and buckwheat cereal, in your supermarket or natural food store.

In a hurry? Most brands of instant oatmeal are loaded with sugar and preservatives so check out the ingredients first. Another option — warm some milk in the microwave and pour it over shredded wheat or another hearty, healthy cereal, like low-fat granola.

Experiment with adding different flavors: cinnamon, a bit of brown sugar, a swirl of honey or some toasted nuts to get you off to a great start. Add some fruit — chopped apples or a sprinkling of dried fruit, like raisins, cranberries or apricots are good choices — and mix it all together.

It's not only nutritious but the fiber will fill you up (no more growling stomach just before lunch!) and keep your digestive system functioning the way it should.


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