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Healthy up Your Waffles


Waffles can be a great way to start your day by choosing whole-grain options and adding fresh fruit or protein. Look for frozen whole-grain options, or make a big batch on the weekends you can freeze yourself. Either option gives you a quick, healthy breakfast option on busy mornings.

Here are some ways to change-up your waffles to add variety and more nutrients:

  • Add berries or mashed banana to the batter before cooking for a boost of flavor and vitamins. You can also top with almost any fresh fruit after cooking.
  • Make a healthy peanut-butter-and-apple sandwich with a hot waffle.
  • Turn your waffles into a self-contained meal by adding browned turkey sausage and low-fat cheese to the batter before cooking.
  • You can still enjoy more traditional toppings, just go easy on the butter and syrup. Try substituting the syrup with honey for a sweet but healthier alternative.