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You Go Yogurt


Yogurt provides a balance of carbs and protein to maintain a steady flow of energy. Yogurt is high in calcium and has live cultures that contain probiotics, which are helpful for digestion and immunity. Not all yogurt is healthy so make sure to look for these things:

  • Serving size of six to eight ounces
  • Less than 200 calories per serving
  • Six grams or more of protein
  • Four grams or less of fat
  • Less than 30 grams of sugar
  • Contains enough calcium to meet 20% or more of your recommended dietary allowance

Buy brands that feature "Live & Active Cultures" and contain additional probiotics. Look for the words "Lactobacillus (L. Acidophilus)" and/or "Bifidobacterium (B. Bifidum)" in the list of ingredients.

Add fruits like bananas or berries to plain yogurt for a real power breakfast.