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Healthify Your Recipes


Your Grandma's recipe for sweet potato-marshmallow-brown sugar casserole is the yummiest thing that you've ever tasted — right after your mom's apple and sausage casserole. And then there is chocolate cake, pecan pie, and all those other treats that have always been part of your favorite family traditions.

But wait! What's all that going to do to the healthy lifestyle you've been working so hard to establish for yourself?

Here are some ways to healthy-up your traditional family recipes:

If you're baking a pie, try a low-fat graham cracker crust instead of the usual butter-rich pie crust you usually make.

If everyone loves your creamy mashed potatoes, try substituting some of the cooking water for all that cream and butter. A great way to add extra taste and nutrients — add some pureed cauliflower to the potatoes. Some folks even serve this in place of mashed potatoes!

Leave the vegetables alone. Serve steamed or roasted veggies with a bit of garlic and olive oil instead of covering every veggie with a creamy sauce or butter.

Healthify baked treats by replacing oil with applesauce, and use whole-wheat flour instead of regular flour.