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Cool Frozen Fruit


You'd think the healthiest fruit is fresh fruit — but did you know that frozen is sometimes even healthier? Yes, it's true!

Fruit destined for the freezer is "flash-frozen" soon after being picked, so it still contains lots of healthful nutrients, and yes — they survive the cold! This is true of vegetables as well. Look for frozen produce marked with a USDA "U.S. Fancy" shield — this means it is the best in size, shape and color and this produce also is usually richer in nutrients than other grades.

So what's good?

If you haven't looked lately, you may be surprised at how many yummy fruits you can find in your supermarket freezer — raspberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, apples, mango, melon and more. Blend them into smoothies, serve over oatmeal, or eat frozen, right from the bag. You will not believe how good this is!​